• "Providing Expert Guidance on Health Care Benefits for
    Individuals, Businesses and Employees."

  • Specializing in the Health Care Shared Ministry Programs

    Take a look in the Individual Coverage section to see all the great options available for Individuals and Families
    Individual Coverage Plans

  • Experience in the Self Funding Insurance Programs for Small Business

    Experience how the Self Funding Insurance Programs and save your company money while providing improved coverage, with some plans providing an Open Network
    Self Funding Plans

Why Choose Us?

The Coastal Benefits Insurance Group consists of insurance experts whom have over 50 years of service in the small business insurance industry.

With the relationships that Coastal Benefits Insurance Group has developed over the last several years, it has enabled us to work with companies that offer custom solutions to our clients that save them money and provides comprehensive coverage.

Knowing how important time is for our clients, our representatives will take the time to visit each of our clients and future clients at their locations. This provides two answers that everyone individual and business owner wants to know about the company that provides them with protection for themselves, their business and employees.

  1. They consider my time important and will not waste it by making me drive to their location. They will meet me at my place of business or home.

  2. They will take the time to visit my business to understand how my business runs and operates and identify our specific needs and requirements.

Working with the Coastal Benefits Insurance Group provides you with a team that will work hard for you and ensure that you and your employees are taken care of.